Dimming Design Guidelines

I am in the process of reading the Dimming Design Guidelines document.
It notes that it is in the experimental development stage. What does this mean?

As I read through Segmented Dimming, I found some information about the limitations of Segmented Dimming. For example, the distance of the content from the HMD, or the fact that the mask will be displaced if the HMD is moved violently.

Are some of the constraints all specifications that Segmented Dimming does not plan to change? Are they constraints now because they are in the experimental development stage? I am not sure.

Design Guidelines for the Segmented Dimming portion of this document were being developed.
Are these Segmented Dimming Design Guidelines ever completed?

The entire Dimming Design Guidelines document describes the Dimming feature, which adjusts the appearance of content, but the explanation is almost entirely in text, with very little use of images.

Dimming is an important feature of Magic Leap 2, we are told.

The characteristics of Global Dimming are very easy to understand and are conveyed in the Dimming Design Guidelines.

Segmented Dimming has a number of recommended content and restrictions for use that are not conveyed in the text.
It would have been easier to convey the explanation of Segmented Dimming if it were possible to use more images.

Also, I believe everything after the "What is Segmented Dimming?" section is an explanation of Segmented Dimming.

It is difficult to understand which section is an explanation of Global Dimming and which section and after is an explanation of Segmented Dimming.

For those who do not have ML2 at hand, this explanation with Dimming's guide will never be enough to understand it.

Please refer to the above.
Also, I would be glad to get back to you regarding your questions.

Sadao Tokuyama

Hi Sadao,
Thank you for your feedback.
The Dimming Design Guidelines located here do contain multiple animated images to illustrate the difference in dimming.
We will relay this information to the design team and update the documentation when it is ready.

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Hi @kvlasova,

The Dimming Design Guidelines located here do contain multiple animated images to illustrate the difference in dimming.

I am aware of the above.

Segmented Dimming's "It's best used for the following formats:" is explained in text only.
I think it would be easier to understand what is best if you use pictures, if possible.

I think it is better to explain Segmented Dimming using diagrams and pictures instead of textual explanations.

Because Segmented Dimming is an important feature of Magic Leap 2, and because it improves the appearance of digital content, I thought it would be better to explain it using pictures and diagrams as much as possible, rather than text.

In the Developer Portal of Magic Leap 1, I believe that pictures and diagrams are used to explain the functionality. Not only this Dimming, but the entire Magic Leap 2 Developer Portal explanation seems to be text-based, and I felt that the documentation is more simplified than Magic Leap 1. (For example, there are no diagrams of key points for hand tracking.)

This is a digression from Dimming's discussion, but I would be happy to post any comments, including objections, to the above.

Sadao Tokuyama

@tokufxug , I'll record this as formal feedback for our Design team.

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