Segmented Dimmer Unity OpenXR

Hi, I've just build my first test app with updated 1.6.0 MLSDK and Unity 2022.3.22f1.

For some reason I see segmented dimming applied to the Unity load screen on application load (Made with Unity) and for the Cube I've added as a test object although I did nothing and never added segmented dimming to the rendering nor to materials. Is this somehow enabled by default now and I need to turn it off?


You can disable the global dimmer in the Magic Leap Render Extensions Feature settings:

Hi @kbabilinski

I don't need to disable the global dimmer, I might be using it in the project.
I see in the article you've provided that there're two modes of blending. Do I get it right that with AlphaBlend mode the system will automatically use segmented dimming based on the Alpha parameter of the material I'm using?

Yes : Segmented Dimming | MagicLeap Developer Documentation