Segmented Dimming AntiAliasing + Occlusion

So while experimenting with different use cases for Segmented dimming we've come across some shortcomings that I would like to bring up for discussion;

  • Segmented dimming doesn't ignore input below one-pixel size (no Anti Aliasing)
    This can be rather weird when objects get too small in screen space. The correct solution would probably be to implement some kind of (customizable) anti-aliasing for the segmented dimming layer only. Is this something ML devs are looking into?

  • Virtual Objects Occlusion doesn't affect segmented dimming layer
    This is most apparent when using Spatial Mapping with occlusion and the user pushes an object with Segmented dimming into a wall. The virtual layer is occluded but not the dimming layer.
    I guess a global solution in the render pipeline somewhere best approach as well.

  • Using Segmented Dimming halves our vertex budget
    The current implementation requires different geometry for the virtual and dimming layer, often just a copy of the original mesh scaled down (as according to the design guidelines).
    The best approach would probably be to create a shader graph node that we can implement in our own shaders which draws to the segmented dimming layer with vertices manipulated inwards (against the normal face). I don't know too much about how the dimming works to know if this is feasible.

Would love to hear other's approach to these issues! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback @TheMunk. I'll pass this on to our engineering team and I look forward to the community discussion here.

Just chiming in with a follow-up: I've logged your input for our engineers and also have updates for you about what we're looking into. We're revising our segmented dimmer workflow in Unity to move away from needing dedicated meshes per dimmer. Also we're working on automatic post processing for Segmented Dimming, which may resolve your second bullet point. I don't have a specific timeline on these initiatives, but wanted to surface what's on our radar.

Please stay tuned to our release notes for future updates on Global and Segmented Dimming.

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