MRTK with Hand tracking, spactial mapping, controller and voice input all active

Give us as much detail as possible regarding the issue you're experiencing.

Unity Editor version: 2022.2.0b5
ML2 OS version: 0.53.2
MLSDK version: 0.53.2
MRTK version: 2.8

We are having unknown issues trying to get MRTK examples working in general.

Ideally we need Handtracking, controller, voice control and spatial mapping working at the same time ideally.

Using the MRTK-MagicLeap examples, it appears that if we try to enable the hand tracking and the controller then either nither or only hand tracking will work. This varies on each rebuild with no change.

We have had simular problems with spatial mapping + hand tracking. The build when first deployed worked, and prompted on app start if spatial mapping should be allowed. Then if we remove and then sideload the same APK, spatial mapping no longer works.

My method for the project is to apply MRTK-MagicLeap as per online instructions to the MagicLeap2_Examples as previded by The Lab 2.0.
ILoad MRKT hand gesture example and enable controller support too in the MRTK profile. The controller will not work.

I can provide my project as a zip if required. Currently this is blocking is from evaluating suitablity for our app with use on the ML2.

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Hi Daniel,

Happy to help you get this up and running, just a few questions. Are you using the default Magic Leap MRTK configuration profile?

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Just for the record, as I know you are looking at this via Email.

Has anyone else had issues mixing multiple inputs? There are no examples of doing this in the ML2 MRTK. This is now blocking us showing our app to our investors on ML2.

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@daniel , we just came out with a new software release: September Software Release - #2 by sengelman

I'm running this through our internal channels at the moment. Is there a way you can upgrade your project (and corresponding devices) to the latest and try again in the meantime?

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Yes, we have done that now. I created a fresh project using the instructions again. Now we have no input working using the HandsInteraction example. I can upload the example project I setup to github and share the link.

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@daniel , that sounds like a fair plan. Keep us updated!

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Hi, we have found that using Unity 2022.2.0b7 helps. We did this on a fresh install of Windows 11 (via Azure VM).

We are still having input profile issues, for example controller + hand tracking together seems to be hit or miss. Spatial mapping also looks like it's not taking senor data, the mesh looks like I am in a large warehouse with a tall ceiling 3-4 stories high, and the floor is a few meters below my feet.

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Are you still having issues developing for the Magic Leap using MRTK?

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Thank you, with the version you zipped over this is now working for us. There is a limitation with the mapping however, but I'll create a new thread.

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