Controller and input broken after first app launch (MRTK)


I am testing our app on the ML2, and I've got a weird behavior : when first installing and lauching the app, the inputs works great. But if I leave (close) then reopen the app, hand tracking doesn't work anymore, and the controller isn't tracked anymore (the ray source is my gaze instead of the controller, but inputs still reacts to controller buttons and movements). I can't find where it comes from...

Does anyone have any insight ? Thanks.

MRTK 2.8 + default MagicLeap2 mrtk profile

Unity Editor version: 2022.3.12f1
ML2 OS version: 1.4.0
MLSDK version: 1.4.0
Host OS: Windows

Error messages from logs :

First launch (working) :

Second launch (broken) :

Did you notice this when you were using a new MRTK 2.8 project? Have you updated both the Unity SDK and the MRTK for magic leap SDK?

This isn't a new MRTK2.8 project, but this is a new MagicLeap project. I updated an Android project (Oculus) that already had MRTK and installed from scratch latest versions of unity sdk and magic leap sdk. (And uninstalled oculus toolkits of course)

After reading all logs, unfiltered, I have only one that differ from first to second launch, but it appears only on the working launch weirdly :

tombstone_00.txt (256.5 KB)
Well now my app is completely broken and doesn't even open any more (didn't change anything) :smiling_face_with_tear:

Not sure why your project crashed, it might be due to an external application. It would be helpful to get the logs from the application out side of the tombstone to help us understand what happened before the crash.

Regarding hand tracking, can you verify that the hand tracking permission is in the Manifest. When you launch the application the first time is it via a build and run? Can you verify that the Magic Leap sample scenes run as expected ?


Well as I magically fixed this crash issue, the controller tracking issue isn't appearing any more. I think this was all linked.