September Software Release

In this update to Magic Leap OS, SDKs, and MRTK, you will find refinements to our Marker Tracking, Controller Input options, and MRTK Hand Tracking support.

This release also introduces support for OpenXR APIs. This is a preview, and in the coming months, you'll see that support become more robust. We're excited to see what you do with this new development option. For more details, please take at look at the September 2022 release notes.

So Long The Lab 2.0, Hello Magic Leap Hub!

With this release, we are retiring The Lab 2.0 and replacing it with the Magic Leap Hub. New packages will no longer be available in The Lab 2.0, so this is a required update. To get the Magic Leap Hub installer, visit the download page today. We recommend that you first uninstall The Lab 2.0, and then run the Magic Leap Hub installer.

Release Highlights

API Updates

  • MLCamera Improvements

    • Camera Autofocus API (C API, Unity)
    • Async support to avoid blocking on Camera operations
    • MLCameraResultsExtras - Improved per-frame Camera Intrinsics (C API, Unity)
    • OnPreviewBufferAvailable callback (C API, Unity)
  • MLHaptics - Create custom haptic patterns (Unity)

  • Trigger Hold input action (Unity)

  • MLMarkerTracker - Additional options to improve marker tracking precision and performance (C API, Unity)

Systems & Performance

  • OpenXR support
  • Voice Intents support for Japanese
  • New Voice Intents US English wake phrase "Hey, Magic Leap"
  • Marker tracking expanded to use World Cameras for wider field-of-view
  • Improved accuracy smaller QR and Barcode scans with new RGB Camera resolution control

OS & SDK Installation

To make sure that the correct version of Magic Leap OS is installed on your Magic Leap 2, we strongly recommend that you use the OS Installer module in the Magic Leap Hub.

Magic Leap Hub OS Installer Module

To begin, simply connect your Magic Leap 2 to your computer, and click the "Install OS" button. By using this method the necessary checks are automatically run to make sure the proper version of the OS is installed on your Magic Leap 2. If you experience any issues updating your Magic Leap 2 please contact customer care.

September 2022 Package Version Guide

This is a quick list of the version numbers of the packages that comprise the September 2022 release:

  • Magic Leap OS - B3E.220818.12-R.085_user, B3E.220818.12-R.085_user_secure
  • Unity SDK - 0.53.3
  • C SDK - 0.53.3
  • MRTK - 0.53.3-v1
  • Unity Editor - 2022.2.0b7
  • Unity XR Package - 7.0.0-exp.3 (automatic) 7.0.0-exp.4 (manual update available)

Don't forget, if you update to the latest SDK you need to also update the OS on your device. If you are using Unity be sure to use the versions listed above for full compatibility. After you download the packages listed above, check out our setup guides.

Let Us Know What You're Thinking

We want to continue to iterate, and improve upon the Magic Leap 2 developer experience. As part of that effort, we are beginning to send brief email surveys. We would love your participation in helping to shape the future of Magic Leap. The first survey will be emailed soon, so be on the lookout. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please do not ignore our message regarding The Lab 2.0 Deprecation/Magic Leap Hub Installation.