Interested in porting Figmin XR using OpenXR

Hello MagicLeap friends,

I am considering porting Figmin XR to the ML2 and I have to decide what runtime to use... You see it already runs with OpenXR on Hololens 2 so I was thinking perhaps that's the easier path to take.

But I don't really know where to begin, I was hoping to find a sample project or instructions to set up one.
I would be interested in a project that shows the hand tracking points for example, since our app runs great with that. But any project would be helpful.

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Right now, OpenXR has initial support, but only for Native (C++) development. Our documentation for this is currently here.

We also support MRTK 2, with support for 3 coming in the future. Our documentation for this is here.

Regarding development with OpenXR in (presumably) Unity, it's essentially just a checkbox as far as I know for Hololens 2? It doesn't directly affect the way your application is developed? We don't currently offer OpenXR support in Unity, but it is coming.


Ohh Ok, I was thinking you had an OpenXR unity plugin already, glad to know it's coming!

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Hello @javier, any chance I could try out the magic leap 2 build of Figmin XR?

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Sure but there's only one way to get Figmin XR for ML2, you have to upgrade to the 'consumer' edition :slight_smile:


Hi! Was wondering if there's any updates/a general timeline for adding OpenXR support in Unity for the ML2?