Confused about OpenXR and Magic Leap

I am building an MRTK based app for Magic Leap using Unity 2022.3.11f1. So far I have used the Magic Leap plugin for Unity, but now I see there's Magic Leap features for OpenXR. That's great. However, if I try to enable that:

Am I missing something here? If not, what is the point of OpenXR here?

We are actively working on supporting Unity's OpenXR integration, however this functionality is not available right now. We will release more information about it's availability on our forum as soon as it becomes available. I don't have a set timeline I can share at the moment.

Until then, please disable the OpenXR and use the Magic Leap XR provider when building Magic Leap 2 applications.

Thanks for the explanation. I gathered as much. I hope to see a full OpenXR implementation soon! Keep up the good work!

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Please don't include the OpenXR in the package if it's not supported yet. Many developers no doubt waste time trying to use it only to find it doesn't work.

Furthermore, the presence of the OpenXR package in the project for other platforms causes compile errors within the Magic Leap package even if you're not using it.

1.10.0 for example failed to compile when the OpenXR package is in the project, but XR.Hands isn't.

1.9.0 failed to compile if OpenXR and XR hands packages are in the project.

Currently trying to roll back through versions of the SDK to find a regression and it's very difficult as each version requires a random change in config or modifying the package. Very frustrating.

Turns out the bug I was chasing down was also caused by the introduction of OpenXR code into the package. :man_facepalming: Very annoying.

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