OpenXR support in Unity?

Hi! I was wondering if there are plans/a general timeline for adding OpenXR support in Unity for ML2?

Hi @workgithub11 and thank you for your post. We are activly working on supporting Unity's OpenXR integration, however this functionality is not available right now. We will release more information about it's availability on our forum as soon as it becomes available.

That said, you are able to use OpenXR in C++ or native. Using OpenXR on the Magic Leap 2 is similar to using OpenXR on any other Android device. Unity publishes OpenXR capability into their XR Interaction Toolkit, so there's no additional libraries needed.

However not all Magic Leap 2 features are supported as extensions in OpenXR, so you'd need to use Magic Leap 2 C-API for those. You can find a list of OpenXR supported Magic Leap 2 features here.