MRTK 3 and OpenXR setup for Magic Leap


We are currently starting a project which will be on different platform, including ML2. We thought about setting up Unity project using MRTK3 and OpenXR.
Unfortunately we can't build for ML2, as the Project Validation is telling us that only arm64 is supported on android with OpenXR.

Where this kind of sounds strange is that there is a feature groups for magic leap support in the OpenXR Settings...
I was expecting to just work as they announced official native support :
Magic Leap 2 now natively supports OpenXR™️

Anyone has managed to deploy an app with MRTK and OpenXR for Magic Leap 2 ?

Unity Editor version:
OpenXR Plugin
Magic Leap SDK

Error messages from logs (syntax-highlighting is supported via Markdown):

@alain.birchmeier While Magic Leap supports OpenXR, our Unity SDK implementation uses Unity's standard XR Subsystem. That said, we are actively working on adding OpenXR support to our Unity Integration. For now, please disable OpenXR in the plugin providers section and enable Magic Leap.

@kbabilinski Thanks for the reply. When deploying to ML2 using MRTK3, the controller is working but the hands are not detected. Is there any extra step to take for them to work ?
I've installed the "Magic Leap MRTK3" package and enabled "MagicLeap Subsystem for XRSDK Hand API" in the MRTKSettings.
My scene setup contains only the MRTK XR Rig and some UI with button for testing.

Please make sure that you have Hand Tracking permissions enabled in the Magic Leap Permission Settings. Edit > Project Settings then go to MagicLeap > Permissions

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