CommonUsages.handData support


I have an app that is using the "raw" UnityEngine.XR TryGetFeatureValue system to access hand data for hand tracking. In converting over leap to OpenXR, it seems I cannot access the raw hand data, as the CommonUsages.handData feature is not in the features list for magic leap hands, which is required if I want to access individual bones of the hand.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @rich,

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I think that our example project may be helpful in finding a path forward for hand tracking in your project. Let me know if you have any further questions and I will be happy to help.



Hi @etucker,

Thanks for the help. I want to clarify that I am not looking for just any path forward with hand tracking, I imagine using the Unity XR Hands package would work. However, the current situation is that I am creating a cross-platform application, and each hardware platform supports different, often conflicting packages in their projects. For instance, the transition to OpenXR, while a great idea in principle, is completely breaking my project due to how Meta implements OpenXR in their native API causing conflicts with the core OpenXR package.
I've currently put this to the side and am holding off on the OpenXR update due to a large number of conflicts.

What I was hoping for regarding hands, is support for the most low-level API which is UnityEngine.XR TryGetFeatureValue for CommonUsages.handData. The best way I've found to actually support cross-platform XR so far is to use the most low-level solutions and rely on as little custom packages as possible. So my question is, do you plan to support CommonUsages.handData?

Ideally there would be a hand system that is supported by both Meta Quest and Magic Leap, but I have yet to see one, so I unfortunately have to have a split path for the fundamental interaction of hand-tracking.

Magic Leap 2 supports the OpenXR Hand Interaction Profile so we not perform any additional logic for the Hand Tracking Input Device. Unfortunately this has prevented Unity to not see the joint positions as input device's and instead made them only accessible through their input xr hand subsystem.

While do do not have support for the CommonUsages API, I saw that El created a ticket and shared it with our voice of customer team regarding the API support.