Unattended installation og Magic Leap Hub

Hi there,
I'm starting as a devops engineer in a company that uses the magic leap hub, i'm trying to automate the installation on windows machines, using saltstack, so the unattended option looks like what I need, but unfortunately when I launch the executable like this :

"C:\temp_dir\sbin\ML_Hub_Installer.exe" --mode unattended

It gives me an error as in :

There has been an error.
Unable to copy file

I run this command from an administrator terminal on windows 11.
Any ideas ?


Unfortunately Salstack falls outside of our realm of support. I recommend reaching out about this issue through their support channels. It would also be helpful to get logs from the installation.

    - output_loglevel: debug

Things to also check:

  • Ensure administrator permissions.
  • Use a simple file path (e.g., C:\MLHubInstaller).
  • Disable antivirus/security software temporarily.
  • Check for file locking (reboot if necessary).

Thank you for your answer, of course my question was not about the salt part :slight_smile: , I can handle this part, it was more about the correct way to get a cli syntax to actually get an unattended installation, but I figured it out, adding the path for installation was enough, as in :

"C:\dir\temp\ML_Hub_Installer.exe --mode unattended --prefix "C:\dir\MagicLeap"

Thank you for your quick answer

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