Package Manager Error after Magic Leap hub install

Hello All, I just installed magic leap hub on a clean windows 10 workstation with a good internet connection. after I bring up the magic leap hub and go into package manager it is empty. when I hit refresh, I get an error message saying it could not connect to the package manager server if you look in the details of the error message it shows some kind of certificate error. see the images attached.

Any idea's on what this may be?

Best Regards,

Garry Osborne

package manager error 1
package manager error 2

Hi @garry.osborne1,

Thank you for reaching out regarding this issue. Could you please provide the version of Magic Leap that you are currently running?



Can you please provide diagnostic logs from the ML Hub?
Are your Windows root certificates up to date?

Hi El,
Turns out it was a firewall issue where we have the magic leap 2 setup. got it resolved.

now working on our next problem.

Thanks for the asist.


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