Some planes are not detected at all in Plane Detection

Plane Detection in Magic Leap 2. it seems that there are a few planes that Plane Detection does not detect.

For example, curtains and desks. It would be good if it detects them as planes although the labels are unknown, but it does not even detect them as planes.

I don't think it detects planes any better than Magic Leap 1's plane detection. Any advice would be appreciated.

Unity Editor version: 2022.2.0b8.3023
ML2 OS version:1.1.0-dev1 (B3E.221020.13-R.039_40)
MLSDK version:1.1.0-dev1
Host OS: Windows

Sadao Tokuyama

Plane finding requires a flat surface that has a larger number of feature points that are distributed planarly. You can refine which planes are tracked by setting the PlanesSubsytem's Planes Query as seen in our plane query documentation.

     PlanesSubsystem.Extensions.Query = new PlanesSubsystem.Extensions.PlanesQuery
            Flags = PlaneManager.currentDetectionMode.ToMLQueryFlags() | PlanesSubsystem.Extensions.MLPlanesQueryFlags.Polygons | PlanesSubsystem.Extensions.MLPlanesQueryFlags.Semantic_All,
            BoundsCenter = Camera.main.transform.position,
            BoundsRotation = Camera.main.transform.rotation,
            BoundsExtents = * 10f,
            MaxResults = 100,
            MinPlaneArea = 0.25f

Try setting the MinPlaneArea to a lower value and increate the max results to detect smaller planes