Remote Rendering - UE5 - Segmented Dimming

Hello, I am wondering if I am doing something incorrect for segmented dimming.

I follow all of the documentation to a T. The only difference is that I am using DirectX 12 instead of Vulkan because my app absolutely requires it. This may be the reason why, but rendering is working but not alpha.

In my Post Process material, I can manually make Opacity 1 or input a Sine wave and I see that the dimmer is working, I also put a random alpha texture from my project and I see the headset following along the alpha mask, however using the PostProcessInput0 alpha as Opacity does not result in a masked alpha, it’s as if the dimmer was completely off.

Any ideas why this may happen?

Thank you,


I found this Unreal XR tutorial intended for the Varjo Aero XR headset, and their material setup works for ML2!

Glad you solved it!

I will note based on your original post that for now- we only have full support via Vulkan. With DirectX12 our full OpenXR compliance is still a work in progress, and while incomplete a major improvement will be landing for Dx12 with our upcoming 1.1.x release. We will take your post here into consideration for future prioritization.

I will admit to you one thing that will likely come last in our DX12 rollout, and would appreciate knowing if this is an issue for you: Using a multi-GPU configuration with DirectX12 will be among the last things we complete for this graphics pipeline.

Thank you, I am primarily only proficient in Unreal Engine, which only supports 1 GPU, so for me, I will likely never take advantage of multiple GPUs.

Although, I am excited to hear DX12 is in the works to be officially supported!