Remote Rendering by Omniverse

I have three questions.

Will the Remote Rendering that you have released work with Ominiverse?

Where can I find the steps from setup to execution of Remote Rendering with Ominiverse?

Does Remote Rendering with Ominiverse work with Ominiverse Standard Edition? Or does it only work with Ominiverse Enterprise Edition?

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Hi @tokufxug,

Yes it will work with Omniverse, we are still working on the documentation for this process and will post it once it is ready.

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there are steps in a Nvidia on demand talk (if you search "Digital Twins in Augmented Reality with Omniverse, Holoscan, and Magic Leap", I can't post link) but I couldn't find the magic leap extension in Omniverse kit...
S52046 - Digital Twins in Augmented Reality with Omniverse, Holoscan, and Magic Leap_1679419100000001Mt20.pdf (2.5 MB)

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Does Ominiverse Standard Edition support this?

I tried to install Magic Leap XR after seeing the PDF you shared.

I started NVIDIO Ominiverse Lancher and searched for Magic Laep, but no hits in the search.

Text-based is also acceptable. It would be helpful if you could share the procedure with us.

@tokufxug I have a branch of the docs with Omniverse documentation. This is coming soon. Maybe even today.

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Is it the following branch?

Or are you documenting Omniverse in a private branch?

It's local; not pushed up, yet.

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Personally, I just need to know the general procedure. If that is what you mean, if you can publish it today, I would be happy to try it on my end on Saturday or Sunday.

@tokufxug I'll hope to at least push it to the remote that can be previewed from there.

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If it is against Magic Leap's rules to publish the document you are creating, you do not have to force it to be published. We would appreciate information to the extent possible.

It's just not finished yet. There's no problem. :+1:

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@tokufxug The changes are ready to go live. I am waiting on approval to deploy. This may take time.

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Just to provide some context:

More details should be included in the upcoming post going live, but we are sharing access to a build of Omniverse Create that is compatible with our Remote Rendering in advance of Nvidia integrating the changes into the full release in their Hub.

The builds that Nvidia currently shares publicly on their hub rely upon OpenVR, while our Remote Rendering solution is based upon OpenXR. Once Nvidia fully supports OpenXR you will be able to simply download Omniverse from them and it will work on the Magic Leap 2 Remote Rendering, but for now you shall have to use the early build we are providing.

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Hi Robbie,
Thanks for the reply.
The early build version is not available to us yet, is it?

Correct, but it should be available in just a few weeks. We are working to refine the final details and get it out to you.

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Are there any updates on the possibility to use remote rendering in Omniverse?


Any updates on the possibility to use remote rendering in Omniverse? 19/Dec/2023


Yes, Nvidia has released support for OpenXR and MagicLeap in public builds of the USD Composer app. This guide goes through how to get started-

The article suggests using the 2023.2 beta, but Nvidia has just released release and enterprise builds of USD Composer as well, which have the extension available, so you no longer need to use the beta-