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What's the story with a system keyboard and using from within an MRTK3 app? Or what's the recommended way to build a text edit control?

We do not have an official keyboard that supports MRTK 3 but there might be one in the experimental package folder inside the Magic Leap MRTK 3 Sample Project. You can also try adding MRTK support to the following virtual keyboard. GitHub - magicleap/MagicLeapXRKeyboard: A keyboard that can be used in any project that supports Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit. It is a keyboard that is rendered on Unity's UI canvas and uses the standard UI Input.

@peted70 as @kbabilinski mentioned, MRTK3 does have a simple keyboard that is still marked experimental called the NonNativeKeyboard. You can find the prefab under Packages > MRTK UX Components > Experimental > NonNativeKeyboard

Drop the prefab into your scene hierarchy.
Trigger it to open with:

NonNativeKeyboard.Instance.Open("default entered text if any", NonNativeKeyboard.LayoutType.Alpha);

A simple way to see it work, the "On Text Submit (String)" event passes the entered text to an associated handler of your choosing when the Enter key is hit, if you check the "Submit on Enter" to be true.

More info here

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