MRTK3 hands cursor rotating with head movement (18.1 MB)

The attached zip file is a video clip of how the cursor moves left to right. Oddly if the user moves their head right the cursor moves right then left in a repeating pattern and if the user moved their head left the cursor also moves right then left. A similar pattern happens with up and down head movement. While the head movement is a bit obnoxious to my boss, I think if the cursor moved with the direction of the head, I could sell it as a micro adjustment.

I have the MRTK3 sample compiled to use as a reference, and it does the exact same thing.

Does anyone have a fix for this? I have been looking into coming up with some solution but these issues seem to be on a fundamental level of the input system.

Give us as much detail as possible regarding the issue you're experiencing.

Windows 11: (Windows/MacOS)
MKTK3 Package 1.0.0 pre - 5

Error messages from logs (syntax-highlighting is supported via Markdown):

Just to add, intuition and experimenting leads me to believe this problem may be tied to the GazeController trying to controller the raycast from the hand and I have gone through and disabled a lot of input elements in the XR Rig prefab to attempt to change it. Oddly the only other behavior I get is strictly a gaze input.

@jason.odom thank you for that detailed description. We have reached out to the team responsible for the Magic Leap MRTK 3 integration package for more information.