Using the VirtualKeyboard

Could we get some instructions on how to set up and use the MLVirtualKeyboard asset/prefab in our own Unity Projects?

Thank you,
Patryk Laurent

Hi @paklnet,

You can use the instructions on this guide to bring in the virtual keyboard into your own project.

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Fantastic!! Thank you!

This does not work! There are no required resources in the project in the assets folder

@anddimovski see the XRKeyboardExample.unity scene inside the Packages/MagicLeapXRKeyboard/Runtime/Scenes folder.

Yes, I found a test scene, but transferring the necessary components from the packages to my project is not an easy task. Why not make a separate keyboard package that can be easily imported into any project

The operating system has its own keyboard, it is included in the browser. Is there any way to call it in my application?

We do not provide a system keyboard at this time, but I submitted your interest in one to our voice of customer team. In the meantime you can use the Unity keyboard by importing the package import the via a git url using Unity's Package Manager