MRTK 2 support for future development

I just heard about the laid off of Mixed Reality teams, MRTK and altspace at Microsoft. I wonder whether this will have an impact on MRTK2 support in Magic Leap 2 in the future.

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Hi @john.estrada thank you for your post. MRTK operates under the MIT license and members of the community may contribute to the project. We have dedicated support for the mixed reality project and community within our engineering team. Our feeling is this is a future we'll achieve together. [PS We're hiring :slight_smile: ]

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Are there any future updates planned for MRTK for Magic Leap 2? I know that the details of the update are confidential and do not need to be posted, but I would like to know if that schedule will be carried out without any changes.
Also, since the original MRTK team has disbanded, updates to MRTK will be suspended at this time. I don't think there is any guarantee as to whether or not other developers will support it. Given this current situation, have you discussed the future handling of MRTK within Magic Leap?
I think the worst that could happen is that Magic Leap will no longer update the MRTK. I think that is where people are concerned.

Thanks @tokufxug. Our team is making updates to MRTK 2.8 support as we speak.


I am glad this was brought up! I had the same question.

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