Is Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit or MRTK 2 recommended for long-term future development?

For long-term development with Magic Leap 2, in terms of hand-tracking and pressing hand-tracking buttons, should I use MRTK 2 or base my future interactions on the Magic Leap 2's Unity XR Interaction Toolkit hand-tracking demo?

Goal: I want to be able to touch and interact buttons with my hands for the long-term future with flexibility to future XR devices.


Unity Editor version: 2022.2.2f1
Unity SDK: 1.4.0
MRTK :1.4.0 Version 1.0
ML2 OS version: 1.2.0-dev1 [B3E.230202.11-R.036_37]
MLSDK version: 1.2.0-dev1
Host OS: (Windows/MacOS): Windows

Hi @huy.le and welcome to the Magic Leap 2 Forum. We believe either of those options is a fine choice. Please keep us updated on what you ultimately decide and best of luck.

Thanks kdowney! Since the Magic Leap team will continue supporting the Unity XR Interaction Toolkit, which seems to remain as a long-term Unity solution, and recently, the XRHandSubsystem with the latest March 2023 update, I think that we'll use the Unity XR Interaction Toolkit and see how it goes.