ML2 with unreal 5.1

I’m about to start a project using unreal 5.1 and AR, and plan on getting a Magic leap 2.
Before purchasing the headset, I would like to ask some questions:

  • The only other post I found mentioning unreal speaks of a pipeline being accessible early this year, is there any news on that? And which version would it target?
    Unreal Engine support?
  • Are there projects/people using the magic leap 2 with unreal 5.1?
  • What would be the best approach? Using the native library or using OpenXR?



Hi @anthonyM Welcome to the Magic Leap 2 Forum and thank you for your post. Yes we are actively working toward Unreal Engine support starting with 5.1 this year, though I don't have a firm date. We are working with developers who are using Magic Leap 2 with Unreal 5.1, but please note in an unofficial capacity as we work to officially support the Unreal Engine. As far as the native library or OpenXR, both are great choices.


Still super excited for this and I am watching out everyday for Unreal support.

I have an ML2 and I will run with it Day 1!

@VirtuosoCEO and @anthonyM I do want to update our initial timeline based on my discussion with our engineering team involved. We anticipate having more news to share closer to Summer 2023. I wanted you to have our best current estimated timeline. Thanks for your posts and interest in Magic Leap.


Any word on this? We have several AR projects in the pipeline and two ML2 headsets just gathering dust. Really excited to get to work in them. Thanks.

Hello @patrickabroad1, we are targeting late August for Unreal Engine support. If that date slips, we'll update you. Thank you for reaching out.

Hello @kdowney Is it soon coming? Please let me know too when it is ready for unreal 5.1 :star_struck: I'm looking forward to it coming out:)

Hi @yuna.seo Excited to tell you we're scheduled to launch our Unreal Engine support Aug 30 along with our latest OS and SDK release. This will be a preview release for our Magic Leap Unreal Engine SDK, meaning it won't have full features just yet, but our subsequent releases will build out more functionality. Please stay tuned for more.


Hi:) Is the magic leap2 now available for UE5.1 and UE5.2?

Hi @yuna.seo,

We do have beta support for Unreal Engine 5. An official release will be coming soon.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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I see this uses a custom engine branch of 5.1.1 and I can confirm it doesn't build in source 5.2.1.

In the future, is it a plan to be able to use any engine build like the ML1, or does ML plan to always require the use of a custom source build?

Meta also requires this for Quest, and I am trying to stick to purely OpenXR and avoid custom engines, as they are each heavily modified for certain devices which breaks many cross-platform compatibilities since the custom code fails to compile for other platforms that may not use the plugin at all. I have sacrificed using Meta's hands, eye, and face tracking because the custom engine requirement. I am hoping they make a purely OpenXR based workflow someday.

My app has an AR and VR mode, and runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Quest, and ML2. The big challenge is getting it to run on every device, which custom source engines usually are a barrier to this.

Hi @VirtuosoCEO,

Thank you for reaching out regarding this. We do have plans to work with the stock engine. It requires two paths to converge: greater generic support for OpenXR in Unreal and some specific support for our platform being added to the stock engine. We are running into stability issues keeping us from switching to 5.3. 5.1.1 is the most stable we have been on 5.

Also binary builds of Unreal do not support packaging for Android x86_64 even after all compatibility issues are resolved and we no longer require a custom fork we will still require building from source.



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Incredible. This is great to hear!

Thank you!