UE 5.3, Can't Find 'MagicLeapController'

Hello All. I have followed the Magic Leap start-up guide from the base (new source engine 5.3, successful fork and build, etc.) and am just at the point where I've successfully built an .apk for ML2 and launched on device. Just yesterday I began this process.

In the latest tutorials, it mentions to add a 'MagicLeapController' component (Controller | MagicLeap Developer Documentation), however it is not recognized as a selectable component on my Pawn.

I've gone through different steps or possible solutions to no avail. ML Hub, disabling/reenabling plugins, etc. Nothing gets the MagicLeapController component to appear. Is there a potential step I am missing?

Magic Leap SDK version: Unreal version 1.0
Unreal Engine version: 5.3.2
ML2 OS version: ML2 OS Release B3E.240418.09-R.060

Error messages from logs: n/a.


Welcome to the developer forums! Indeed, it looks like the MagicLeapController component was removed from the v1.4 Unreal sdk. I can confirm internally that this was intentional and update the documentation. In the mean time, if you just need to be able to get the controller pose, you can use the MotionController component that is built in to Unreal-

The MagicLeapController component inherited from Unreal's MotionController component and basically just added functions for controlling haptic feedback.

If you want to take a look at the MagicLeapController component implementation, the source is included in the UE v1.3 sdk in your MagicLeap folder here-

Thanks for raising this issue and sorry about the trouble!


Thanks @aheaney . That's helpful to know and thanks for answering.

Are we able to control input via the motion controller? Is there still any use of the MotionController plugin then?

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