Unreal Engine support?

I am an Unreal dev of 8 years, and have produced some cool content on ML1.

Curious if Unreal support is in the pipeline? I just got my ML2 and taking my first baby steps into Unity. If that's what it takes, its a challenge I am up for, however if Unreal support is ever a thing like Ml1, I could hit the ground running.

Would also love to port my flagship app.

Thank you!!

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Hi @VirtuosoCEO,

Thank you for posting on the ML2 forum. While we do not currently offer Unreal Engine support, our developers are working on making a pipeline for it which is expected to be accessible at the beginning of next year.


Incredible!! Thank you so much!

@VirtuosoCEO , you're not the only one excited for this — I can't wait to see it, as well!