Magic Leap 2 stuck on fastboot

Hello yesterday (12/9/2023)
I tried to update my magic leap 2 via magic leap hub to the new version [1.4.0]
but when it restarted it stucked on the (fastboot) mode
currently it is not recognizable via magic leap hub

  • But when open the command line and type "fastboot devices" the serial number is shown *
    the device informations -

P/N : M90AB004_RJ
original Build when bought it was : Version 1.1.0 [Build B3E.221128.08-R.092]
Last update was before 3 weeks to Version 1.3.1

Hi @3LinesXR,

I'm sorry that you are having this issue with your headset. A member of our customer care team will reach out to you shortly to help troubleshoot this issue.



HI 3LinesXR,

Sometimes if the update fails it will end up stuck in fastboot mode. You can fix that by manually updating the OS instead.

  • In Magic Leap Hub, select the OS version you wish to flash from the ML OS dropdown in the "My Tools" section in "Package Manager". Click the "Open Folder" button. Open your computer's command line interface tool.
    • If you are on MacOS, run the following:
      • ./
    • If you are on Linux, run the following:
      • ./
    • If you are on Windows, run the following:
      • flashall_amd.bat
  • This will take around 6-10 minutes to flash everything based on the USB speed.
  • At the end of flashing, the script will reboot the device, it should be recognized when you run:
    • adb devices

thanks a lot the problem is fixed .
My mistake was I used to use instate of flashall_amd.bat