OS Failing to update even after claiming success

I'm trying to update my OS to the latest version 1.3.0-dev2 (secure) from 1.3.0-dev1 (secure), but even after claiming a successful update it is still on the old OS. The 1.3.0-dev1 version that is currently installed is a preview version (B3E.230406.06_5751_release-keys) which was provided by Magic Leap to test an audio fix, so perhaps that is causing the problem?

I've attached the screenshots below, but the steps I follow are.

  1. Restart my ML2 with the cable disconnected
  2. Connect the ML2 and open the OS installer
  3. Select the latest OS and click install.
  4. It shows the screen which reboots the device in fastboot mode and wait for reboot
    Screenshot 2023-06-16 091040
  5. As soon as the device has rebooted it instantly says it's successfully installed the update and telling me I can disconnect the device. From clicking install to it claiming it's finished takes about 3 seconds, which doesn't seem enough time to install an OS update.
  6. The device is left in a state with flashing LEDs, oscillating between 1,3,5 and 2 and 4. which I've left for over an hour and it never stops.
  7. I eventually power off the device and restart it, but it's left on the original OS.

This is the detailed output of the update process

Rebooting device into FASTBOOT mode
Waiting for FASTBOOT device..........

FASTBOOT device found

Magic Leap Inc. (C) 2022: 
Welcome to flashall_amd.bat v2.1.4: 

NOTE: CVIP and EC are flashed by default
      Use --cvip-only to flash CVIP images only

Current VID: 0x2C55 PID:0xB201
Product Name: demophon
SSC is enabled: 
Device is PMF012: 
  "ro.build.tags": "release-keys",

Waiting for device to reboot...

Device Found

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can fix this?

The above issue was on Windows. Fortunately, I've got a Mac too, so I tried it from that and it successfully updated the OS.

When the next OS update comes out, I'll try again on Windows.

Thank you for the update. I'll check into what is potentially causing that issue.