Idle device is overheated after 2-3 hours

After 2-3 hours of uptime, without starting any app on MagicLeap, just having ADB connected the Device shows warning led statuses (Device needs to cool down or Overheating has caused a fault.)

It happens when the device is connected to its charger and when connected to PC (insufficient charger)

As we hear, the cooling fan is working. The room temperature is 25-26 °C.

Is it normal/usual, or just our device is doing that?

ML2 OS version: 1.3.1

Error messages from logs
Compute Pack LED shows:

  • Device needs to cool down.
  • Overheating has caused a fault.

Hi @kocsisa,

I've reached out to our team regarding your overheating issue. Personally I do not run into this issue but my room is about 22 degrees C.

I will report back as soon as I hear from them.



Hi András,

That definitely isn't supposed to happen. Where are you storing the Magic Leap 2 headset and compute pack while it's in this state? Is it on a smooth flat room temperature surface?

Thank you,

The headset is on my desk, the compute pack is neer to it on the top of the ML Case, to be above of the headset, turned to away to blow the hot air to the opposite direction from the headset.
As can be seen on the attach picture.




Hi András,

I'm going to create a support ticket and we'll continue this conversation privately as we likely need to collect some personal information from you to set up an RMA repair. Stand by for updates.

Thank you,

Thank you @jspire,

Please send the link for the ticket or the private chat to my registered email when you opened it and I send the required details.



Hi András

Please keep an eye out for Ticket #31712. You should have already received it.

Thank you,