Device has issues booting properly

One of our devices has quite some trouble/inconsistency with booting up. When we turn it on:

  • device compute pack led lights shows over and over (arc pattern as expected)
  • this can continues for several minutes
  • nothing will appears in the headset for several minutes
  • after some time the Magic Leap display and horizontal loader will show
  • normally what happens at this stage with other devices is the twisting magic leap logo will play along with power-on sound FX but we rarely reach this stage
  • instead usually what happens is compute pack shows green LED and boot procedure restarts after a little bit
  • sometimes we get lucky and after a while (20-30 minutes) it will turn on after repeated cycles

(1.1.0 stable release OS)

What is the recommended path in this case? We've flashed it and factory reset with newer OS versions but does not seem to help. Powering down using long >10second hold does not do anything. Neither does draining the battery fully.

Hi @colin.yao, thank you for your post. A member of our Customer Care team will reach out to you for next steps.

Hi Colin,

I understand that you're having a problem with one of your Magic Leap 2 devices in which the boot time is unusually extended and in some cases, never completes, rather it seems to restart and attempt to boot again. You're reporting this occuring on 1.1.0 and newer OS updates consistently. This is just the one device? Please send me the serial number for it if you could.

The first thing I'd suggest is that when you are able to get it into the main menu, go to "Settings", scroll down and select "System". Select "Reset Options". Select "Erase all data (factory reset)" to perform a factory reset. You will receive two prompts verifying you wish to proceed with a reset.

Let us know if that changes the behavior at all. If not, please send us your best shipping address and phone number in case we need to set up an RMA for the device.

Thank you,

Hi Colin,

Yes, that's correct. I'm still doing some research on the device specifically and I'll follow up with you on RMA soon. Could you possibly send us the other serial numbers for those other ML2s?

Thank you for your patience.

Hi Colin,

Just wanted to let you know we're still working on this, I should have an update for you soon.

Thank you for your patience,