How to change the platform from Magic Leap2 to OpenXR-Quest

Contents for MagicLeap2 and for OpenXR-Quest coexist in unity project, and we would like to switch between MagicLeap2 and OpenXR-Quest to manage this unity project.
But, it is not possible to completely switch to OpenXR-Oculus setting from Magic Leap2 setting. As a result, a little MagicLeap2 dependency seems to remain in unity project, and apk cannot be opened in Quest Pro.
We followed steps 1-3 below to change from Magic Leap2 setting to OpenXR-Oculus setting. Do you know if there are any other missing steps?

Unity Editor version: Unity2022.2.21
MLSDK version:v1.3.0-dev1
Magic Leap SDK:1.7.0
Host OS: Windows

  1. Switch from Magic Leap to OpenXR in XR Plug-in Managemant-Android

  2. Switch from x86-64 to ARM64

  3. Add Meta Quest Support and Meta Quest Touch Pro Controller Profile inOpenXR-Android.

Hello @punnu, thank you for reaching out. I can't say how to build for OpenXR-Quest but as for Magic Leap, we do not officially support OpenXR at present. Please stay tuned as we are working toward OpenXR support for Unity.