Do Quest apps work on Magic Leap 2?


Lumino OS is Android so do applications of Meta Quest headsets work on Magic Leap 2?

Cheers Kegom

Hi @kegom,

We are incorporating OpenXR support for the Magic Leap 2. You can learn more about it here:



I'm quite unfamiliar with the OpenXR standard yet, but doesn't it cover only XR and not other APIs in the OSes?

Anyway, Lumin OS is an Android distribution just like the OS of Meta Quest headsets (whatever it's called to). Are them so similar that APKs of Meta Quest headsets works on Lumin OS? Does e.g. Immersed work on Lumin OS?

Although Magic Leap 2's OS and Meta's OS are Android based, applications are not inherently cross compatible. This is due to many factors such as specific vendor APIs (for example: Magic Leap Voice Intents vs Meta's Voice SDK), and platform architecture (arm64 vs 86_64).

Applications that use OpenXR and are built for both arm64 and x86_64 android architectures have more compatibility. However, some applications may require Meta's custom OpenXR Loader.

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