Device not getting past the Magic Leap splash screen on boot

I don't know why but today for some reasons my ML2 is not booting up to the main home page. It is just stuck on the magic leap boot screen and never gets past that. I had no issues for the last 2 weeks since I had the device and did not do any OS update. It was just off from the weekend and decided not to boot properly anymore.

Because of this my PC/Laptop is not even recognizing the device (nothing listed with adb devices). Also, I am not even user if it is going into fast boot mode at all when doing the button combo which in that case even doing fastboot devices it is not being listed. Therefore, I am unable to gather any logs.

OS version: B3E.220818.12-R.046-R.417 (user_secure)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi @jc1, Thanks for your post. Let me check with our engineers and will report back asap.

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Hi again, I spoke to our Customer Care team about this. May I ask you to contact us here or email Our engineers are standing by for your message.

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The Care team let me know they just reached out, so please be on the lookout. Closing this post here as the Care team have created a support ticket for you. Thanks stopping by the Magic Leap 2 Forum.

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Can I get some update with this issue please? I was asked to provide some logs but I can not do so a sthe device does not get recognized by my PC/Laptop what so ever. The device is still not booting into home and I am unable to even go into fastboot mode for recovery so ultimately it seems like I need a replacement device.

Can this be arranged ASAP as I have team members that would need a working device.

Kind Regards.

JC Mazza

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Hi @jc1, our Customer Support team indicated they've reached out to you. Please check your junk mail if you have not received their email, or email for an update. They are tracking this issue. Thank you.

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