Can a device determine the position of other devices in the same physical space?

We have a multi-user classroom application, and we'd like to display a name tag above each user. Can the ML2 determine the position of other ML2s in the same physical space? I'm sure we could technically just use a QR code but, is there another way? Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

You can determine the position of another device using a map generated using the Spaces app.

After scanning the space you can place anchors and use them as reference points using the spatial anchor storage API

Finally, with the anchors created, you can share the space file to another device. The localization map API allows you to export an import a space. (You will have to send the file yourself to the other device)

You can also import and export the map and the anchors that were associated with it using the command line:


Note, in the upcoming OS release slated to be released in a few weeks, developers will be able to query the spaces origin. Which can also serve as a reference point without using spatial anchors.

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@kbabilinski thank you for the thorough response. As always, you're a lifesaver!

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