What options are available for environment recognition

Hi all,

My goal is to be able to recognize when the user is in a specific environment using the ML2.
I am wondering if this is something that can be done on the ML2, as a lot of the existing solutions require iOS or the device location.

I'm using Unity as my primary development platform, with all software at their most recent version.

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Hey @aidanw ,

On Magic Leap developers / users can use the System Application on device called "Spaces" to map and save their environment.

Once you have a saved environment the Unity application has the ability to query for localization status (eg. has my device recognized this saved space) and place Spatial Anchors that will persist across boot. Your application may also programmatically start the spaces application if you are not localized to help resolve the state of not being localized. Also I can confirm all these are available as calls in Unity.

We also have a good article here at a high level on how the system works here Spatial Mapping for Magic Leap 2

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