Accessing Localization Info while Remote Rendering

I'm currently looking into utilizing OpenXR and Remote Rendering and have a hard time wrapping my head around certain concepts.

Essentially I'm wondering if it's possible to get to the Localization Info of the device while remote rendering - in particular the SpaceOrigin.

Since Remote Rendering doesn't support Anchors I'm unsure whether this is possible. On the one hand I needed the Anchors package and permission to get it working standalone via MLAnchors.GetLocalizationInfo(), but I'm not actually utilizing Anchor objects at all.

It would be amazing to know if this is even achieveable before getting lost completely in the specifics of OpenXR.

LocalizationInfo isn't yet an OpenXR extension so not currently but eventually on the roadmap.

If you want to experiment here in the interim you could use Marker Tracking to align to the real world as a proxy till OpenXR catches up.

tl;dr I wouldn't get lost in the specifics of OpenXR if your goal is to specifically use anchors and localiziation info.

Both LocalizationInfo and Anchors support are on the roadmap for Remote Rendering, but not yet available. Marker Tracking is the suggested solution to accomplish what you are trying to do, if you find placing an Aruco or QR code in your environment an acceptable solution.

Marker Tracking is supported within Remote Rendering at present, though the OpenXR extension is still being officially reviewed by the working group. Once it is available publicly, you can simply update your application's openxr.h and make use of it.

Thanks for the information! This is very good to know.

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