Anchor value generated in a fixed space through localization is not constant.

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Unity Editor version: 22.3.7f
ML2 OS version: Version 1.3.1
MLSDK version:1.9
Host OS: (MacOS)

Error messages from logs (syntax-highlighting is supported via Markdown):
I successfully scanned the real space through the Space app. I activated localization and ran an app that generates anchor in that state.
However, if you turn off the app, turn off and off the Magic Leaf 2 device, or if you are localizing with another space and return to the existing space, the location of the anchor changes and comes out. It's not displayed in a very different position, but it's just a certain amount of angle and x, y, and z position values that go wrong.

Can I know why this is happening?

And I was able to check the SpaceOrigin value on MLAnchors, but the value changes depending on where the app starts. Is this supposed to be right? (position : 0,0,0 / -0.1, -0.3 , - 0.24 / etc

I'm leaving another question because I don't understand perfectly and I'm using it in the wrong way.
Does the anchor itself or the number of anchor affect spatial perception?

The Spatial Anchors update their position to guarantee they are located in the correct space in the real world. This happens because at any point your headpose origin can change if you put the device to sleep, reboot, or lose headpose. The algorithm under the hood updates the anchor transform relative to your world coordinate frame so that it shows up where the user expects in the real world environment. Does that make sense to why the transform can update over time?

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I see, I understand that