Wifi issues with offline LAN

Our setup includes running a router in LAN (not connected to the internet).

Problems from the ML2 wifi on B3E.220619.07-R.124_128 are:

  1. The offline network disconnects for some reason (seems to happen periodically or when headset is idle on a table for ~5 minutes), and most importantly, it won't reconnect to that network without navigating to the settings app and connecting again.
  • Note: When connecting to the network manually, sometimes a popup appears asking if we want to automatically connect to that offline network, though the issue still seems to occur.
  1. If another known network is connected to the internet, it will switch networks from the offline to online network without prompt.
  • Workaround: Forget other networks.
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Hi Steven,

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue, and thank you for reporting it. Can you submit an adb bugreport so it can be investigated further?

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@steven.baeringer You can also report the bug, using the "Report a Bug" link here: https://developer.magicleap.cloud/
Thank you!

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I have been told that this is being tracked by ML, so this issue can be linked there or there here.


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