Anyone having Wifi stability issues?

ML OS version 1.1.0-dev2

Anyone having Wifi connection stability issues on -some- networks?

We're observing an issue where some specific Wifi networks (mesh/multi-base?) are unstable (frequently dropping/reconnecting), while others are rock solid —signal strength is not the issue. This is especially evident during low bandwidth streaming activities. The unstable networks are predictably unstable, as are the stable ones stable.

ML: Any known issues with Wifi stability/compatiblity, or suggestions to debug, please?

@cstavros Is this a "mesh" network with one SSID and many BSSIDs?

Yes, I believe that may be the case with the problem networks. Is there any known work around? Thank you.

A known workaround? No, but I recently got this re-prioritized and re-classified as a bigger issue than was previously known. I will make sure to amplify and try to expedite.

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@cstavros Forgive me for marking this as "solved," but the resolution is in-progress. This post has been cited.

We've had a similar problem. Looking forward to a solution.