Wi-Fi bridge not turning on

Following the instructions https://developer-docs.magicleap.cloud/docs/guides/developer-tools/ml-hub/ml-hub-device-stream, I'm trying to turn on the stream via wifi, but the Wi-Fi bridge does not turn on, help solve the problem

P.S. Both my device and my development machine are on the same Wi-Fi network.

ML2 OS version- Version 1.4.0-dev1
Build B3E.230810.09-R.028
Android API Level 29

The error does not appear

Does the same behavior occur if you unplug the device via USB?

Can't start streaming via USB
The stream works periodically, but I don’t find any patterns

Hi @anddimovski,

I have reached out to our team regarding this issue and will keep you updated as soon as I hear back.



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