WebXR powered by dedicated PC

Hey there,
We are working on a performance-demanding WebXR experience using Magic Leap 2 and I'm wondering, if it would be possible to run this experience by utilizing the power of a dedicated computer running on RTX graphics card.

Can you please confirm that such a solution is possible?

Hi @Matush,
welcome to the forums. I double checked with our remote rendering team and they said that remote rendering should work with a caveat, the IPC service model conflicts with how Google Chrome (The most common WebXR app) handles security. It was about a year ago, but if you disable that it should work
You can learn more about Remot Rendering on the Magic Leap 2 at Remote Rendering Overview | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Hi @sfernandez
Thank you for your reply, we will take a look into it

I was asked to add that "This is not on our golden path currently." We have limited ability to support people off the path.

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Thank you for letting me know @sfernandez
Do you have any tips how to bypass the security on Chrome?