OpenXR Connection steps

I am currently modifying our software to connect to the Magic Leap 2 using OpenXR. We currently use OpenXR to connect to the Meta Quest 2 via AirLink. When I attempt to connect to the Magic Leap 2 in the same fashion, xrGetSystem fails as if it can't find the Magic Leap 2 device. What additional steps must I take for OpenXR to see the device besides connecting the device to my computer?

Hi Greg,

Welcome to the MagicLeap developer forum! You can stream OpenXR applications running on a Windows pc to your ML2 in a similar fashion to Meta's AirLink.

You'll need to install the MagicLeap remote render service on your pc. Note that the remote render service is currently only supported on Windows and you must have a gpu from Nvidia to use it.

See setup instructions here-

The remote render service implements an OpenXR runtime. Note that if you have multiple OpenXR runtimes on your pc, you'll need to ensure that the MagicLeap runtime is set as active. When the installer runs, it should set it automatically, but you can verify it by inspecting the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Khronos\OpenXR\1 key in the Windows registry editor (Windows key + R, and then run regedit)-

Please let us know if you run into any issues.