Does it support/require GPUs to use magic leap 2?

From the document, it said no GPU is required or recommened for AR cloud.
AR Cloud | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Does it mean that a good GPU doesn't help at all even if I use it with AR cloud? Because I think engines like unity can benefit from decent GPUs, especially when the scene is very complex. Does that mean the magic leap2 uses the built in GPU in the box anyway even I use an AR cloud? This is no way to use a pc with GPUs to accelerate the rendering?

Hi @JCollins,

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I have consulted the team regarding this question and I will report back as soon as I learn more.



We do offer remote rendering capabilities with the Magic Leap 2 headset. AR cloud only contains localization data, not rendering data. I hope this clears any confusion and please let me know if you have any further questions.