WebXR - Objects jittering and missing plane detection support


I post this in "General" since I couldn't find any WebXR related categories.
When I load a glb in threejs it shows up fine and it stays stable when I rotate my head.
But when I walk around the object it starts jittering. Any idea why?

Also is plane detection supported yet? The threejs demo doesn't seem to work.


Hi @steoberg,

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I'm looking into this now and will get back to you as soon as I hear back from our devs.

Thank you.

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Hi @steoberg, thank you for your question. It is possible that the model you're using may be too big, exceeding the capacity of Magic Leap 2. What is its size? Also, plane detection in WebXR is not supported.

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@steoberg What are you building with WebXR? I am looking to network with other developers building WebXR applications

Thanks for your answer. Yes the model is quite big and the problem doesn't appear in the threejs lighting demo with the spheres. So probably it is the size.

Hi @steoberg

I see that this is marked as solved but I would also like to point you to the focus distance variable. It may also help remedy some of that jittering. MLGraphicsFrameParamsEx | MagicLeap Developer Documentation

Is the focus distance variable available in WebXR?

Currently setting the focus distance is not support by WebXR but we are experimenting with ways to expose it in the future. Are you interested in the focus distance to decrease the offset when recording Mixed Reality content or is your content jittering or is it related to something else?

To be honest I forget why I was asking for this! No doubt it was for some research I was doing at the time, but I've moved on since then. Thank you for following up!

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