Vuforia and Hand Tracking

What will be the recommended way to get hand tracking working with vuforia. Putting some of the assumptions down.

  1. OpenXR workflow (Hand) + Vuforia ; Does vuforia work with XRRig camera?

  2. Magic Lead workflow (Hand) + Vuforia. How to get hand interaction in a scene with vuforia?

Hi @akkuashfaqueck do you mind providing us some more information on the issues you are running into?

In short, yes we have had developers that were able to use Magic Leap OpenXR and Vuforia in the same project. They were able to use the Hands interactions using MRTK3 or by using the XR Hands Interaction demo as a starting point.

For general Vuforia questions, you may want to reach out on their stack overflow category.

For General questions regarding XRI and the XR Hands Package you may want to post your question on the Unity's Discussion page