ML Spectator-like functionality in Unreal?


I was trying to find a way to do something like ML Spectator in Unreal, has anyone got any suggestions? I've been trying to use their Virtual Production setup, but cannot get anything to connect to the headset.

What errors are you encountering when trying to connect to the headset?

Can you please provide more detail on what you mean by this? Are you trying to create an experience where one user can connect their phone while an application is running on the ML2? Are you using the Client-Server model? It may be helpful to know more about the broader use-case here.



The errors are fatal errors without much information, I think I'm trying to use a UE5 feature in a way that it wasn't intended.

My use case would be the ability to use a phone or tablet to walk around and see what the Magic Leap user sees, like what the ML Spectator app allows.

You would need to create 2 separate applications. One for mobile and one for the ML2 headset. You can use networking to create a multiplayer session. You can then use a printable marker to anchor the experiences to the correct position.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



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