Unity packages for importing OSGB data

Hi, has anyone worked with OSGB data before?

Can you confirm whether these Unity asset store packages work with the Magic Leap 2?

OSGB Import
3D Tiles

You can find them here: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

Or alternatively there this GitHub project: GitHub - xarray/UnityOSGB: Load OSGB format into Unity in two ways: native plugin & c# binary reader

I am just looking for a quick confirmation from anyone that has tried those, or any other equivalents, as I am not yet able to do so myself. Any tips on working with OSGB data would be greatly appreciated as well!

Big thanks!

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Thank you for your post @artur. Let me look into this and I'll report back asap.

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Just an update: I've reached out to the developer of the two assets and asked if Android x86_64 is supported. That's the key to determining if the assets are compatible with Magic Leap 2. I'll post back here when I receive a response.

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HI @artur, please excuse the delay. The developer responded to our question.

This was our question: "Are these two apps compatible with Android x86_64?"

This was the developer's response: "Both plug-ins support full-platform running, including what you say is the Android x86_64 platform."

*Please understand Magic Leap can not independently verify the accuracy of the developer's response.

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Hi, this helps a lot. Thanks!