Missing Modules for MagicLeapOpenXR/Editor

I have followed the directions on Unreal > Getting Started as closely as possible. I've done three attempts so far including one where I did a factory reset of the PC and installed only the software mentioned in the tutorial but I keep running into the same issue.

When following along with the Unreal > Create an App after the Magic Leap OpenXR's plugin is enabled and the engine is restarted I can no longer open the project as I get this error instead:

Missing Modules

The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:


Engine modules cannot be compiled at runtime. Please build through your IED.

I am using:
Magic Leap 2 Unreal SDK version 1.3.0
Unreal Engine Version 5.3.2

There was two issues I encountered everytime I went through the Getting Started Page:

  1. For the section:
    To link ML Unreal SDK plugins as engine plugins:
    Open the Windows Command Prompt.
    Change to this folder within the UnrealEngine folder: Engine\Plugins\Runtime
    Run this command:
    mklink /d MagicLeap $UNREAL-SDK\Plugins
    The command prompt responded with:
    Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

  2. When in visual studio's solution explorer when I try running UE5's Debug > Start New Instance. I get the following errors:

Cannot open compiler generated file '...CameraCalibrationCoreSequencer.cpp.dep.jason': No such file or directory

The command "....\Build\BatchFiles\Build.bat - Target="UnrealEditor Win64 Development" -Target+"ShaderCompileWorker Win64 Development -Quiet" - WaitMutex -FromMsBuild" exited with a code 6.


Welcome to the MagicLeap developer forums! Sorry about the trouble. Based on the issues that you identified, I suspect that the MagicLeap Unreal sdk plugin source code may not have been copied into your engine plugin source directory successfully.

Here are instructions for ensuring that you have the MagicLeap plugin source included properly in your engine build-

Ensure the Visual Studio is not running.

Navigate to the engine plugin source directory in Windows explorer-
(engine repo root)\Engine\Plugins

Delete any symbolic links to the plugin source that may have been created in
(engine repo root)\Engine\Plugins or (engine repo root)\Engine\Plugins\Runtime by highlighting them and pressing Shift + Delete to permanently remove them.
(symlinks will look like a folder shortcut titled "MagicLeap" if you used the command above to create them)

Use ML Hub to find the folder where you downloaded the plugin source package. Btw, I would recommend using v1.4.0 of the UE plugin sdk if you have the latest ML OS installed on your device (v1.7).

In ML Hub, open the Package Manager module and navigate to the All tab. Ensure that the latest version of the UE sdk is installed and click Open Folder to open it in Windows explorer-

Copy the entire v1.4.0 folder to \Engine\Plugins\Runtime
Rename the folder from v1.4.0 to MagicLeap.

I wouldn't bother creating a symlink.

Now, you can go ahead and re-run Setup.bat, followed by GenerateProjectFiles.bat to regenerate the solution files.

When you run GenerateProjectFiles.bat, you'll see some output in your shell that says "Some Platforms were skipped due to invalid SDK setup:".
Ensure that Android is not in the list of platforms that were skipped.

Now you can open UE5.sln in Visual Studio and build as normal.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any further trouble.



Thank you kindly for this solution Adam, I will test it ASAP!

You were correct, I had installed the 1.4 plug-ins from the HUB rather than the 1.3. I now have installed the proper version plug-ins and rebuilt it from UE5.sln

I still get a missing modules error after I enable the plugin but rather than MagicLeapOpenXR and MagicLeapOpenXREditor its now missing just MagicLeap.