Problems building plugins 1.2 with Unreal 5.3.2

Hi! I am building Unreal 5.3.2 following the instructions as previous versions, and using exactly the SDK, NDK and all parameters you mentionen in the documentation. I got problems when I compile it when plugins are included. I compiled it with no problem without the Magic Leap plugins (I mean the 5.3.2 version from the Magic Leap repo, clean).

Here are the errors in the images I attached. All are the same type related like: ">D:\dev\UE-5-3-2-ML1-5\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\MagicLeap\MagicLeapHandInteraction\Source\MagicLeapHandInteraction\Private\MagicLeapHandInteraction.cpp(60): error C2065: 'XR_EXT_HAND_INTERACTION_EXTENSION_NAME': undeclared identifier"

Can you help me please?

Hi Roberto,

Welcome to the MagicLeap developer forums! Sorry about the trouble building Unreal! There was a change that was committed to the 5.3-release-ml2 branch last week to change the OpenXR headers that would most likely cause the break. The change was just reverted earlier today-

Sorry about that! If you run git pull, you should pickup the commit to revert the change to the headers. You should be able to build after that. Please let us know if you still have any trouble.


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