Stereo rendering issues in 1.2?

Is anyone else noticing sometimes the left and right eye are displaying content improperly?.

Sometimes things work Ok, but all of the sudden sometimes instead of the left/right eye images being offset horizontally they get some really weird vertical offset and it makes it a really uncomfortable experience. Like if i was looking cross-eyed or something.

It only started happening with 1.2, perhaps it doesn't like me wearing regular prescription glasses?

Have you been able to reproduce this across multiple device sessions (after restarting the device)/ would you be able to provide screenshots or recordings of this issue?

Yeah it happens quite often, though we have new magic leaps now so I'll try on a different device to make sure it's not just mine.

I don't think I can capture it though.

Hey @kvlasova I can confirm that the problem is just my prescription glasses, it doesn't like them anymore after 1.2.

Hopefully if I buy the proper prescription inserts this won't happen?

@javier yes, the headset is not designed to be worn with full-sized prescription glasses underneath and we recommend getting prescription inserts.