Static I.P. on Magic Leap 2

Magic Leap Community,

I'm looking for help on setting a static I.P. on a Magic Leap 2 device.

For the Magic Leap 1, I was able to acquire a static I.P. by the following

Settings → Connectivity → I/Advanced, and then changing DHCP to static.

On Magic Leap 2, the corresponding network settings can be viewed:

Settings → Network & Internet → Wifi → Gear Icon of your Wifi network → Advanced

From this ML2 menu, there is no DHCP or Static option like the ML1.

Alternatively, I attempted changing the I.P. through the adb shell by using admin, but even with administrator rights, I can't change the I.P.


I looked thoroughly through the settings, but didn't see anything relevant to setting a static I.P.

Is there something I missed?


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Hi @alex you can set a static IP on the device by following this guide: Article - How to Configure a Static I...
When the window pops up that has you entering your WIFI password you can actually scroll down (hover over the window and swipe up on the touchpad) and the advanced options are listed there.

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Thank you! Issue resolved! That was quick.

When I opened up that menu, the keyboard takes up half the screen. I overlooked the skinny vertical gray scroll bar, which hid the advanced options by default.