Spatial Anchors in "Spaces" App

Hi there
The Documentation article on the Spatial Anchors says: " The Spaces application allows you to localize your Magic Leap into a space and to create anchors within "maps" of that space."
But I couldn't find how to create anchors in the Spaces App. Trigger and bumper doesn't do anything neither while scanning, nor when saved and localized in the map.
Where I'm wrong?


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Thank you for your post @maks. Let me look into this and I'll report back asap.

Thank you for reporting this. This information must have slipped through the cracks when we were updating the documentation. You are correct, anchor’s can no longer be created inside the spaces app.

Users can view all of the created anchors inside the spaces app. However, it does not allow users to create anchors. Developers can create anchors inside their applications so they can be used as a reference point across multiple sessions.

Ok, understood, thank you